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Whether it's a blue sky implementation for a new company that needs a fresh look at what it's chart of accounts should really look like or replacing a legacy system that just can't be upgraded anymore, we've done it all.  Implementing the Dynamics 365 platform in your company doesn’t have to be a frightening proposition when you can lean on 100s of years of experience by the guys who have done it over and over.



Assessments (upgrade planning)
When planning your implementation or upgrade, we provide a service where we can offer you a complete assessment of what will be required in your project.  Since we have to plan our own implementation and upgrade projects, we specialize in this process.  We can provide you with a comprehensive look at the time and cost needed to execute your implementation, upgrade, integrations, or customizations.  We can also plan your project milestones and activities out to give you a complete project plan from which to grow your project lifecycle from.

After we leave, what's next?!?!  We can provide you with detailed technical and functional documentation to assist in the ongoing support, maintenance, and operation of your ERP/CRM solution.  Documentation is critical to maintaining business as human capital comes and goes.  Increasing your companies value through effective documentation is a high priority for us.  The Dynamics 365 stack, in conjunction with Lifecycle Services and the Business Process Mapping tools, provides an excellent framework for us to create a living library of documentation, test cases, testing automation, training, and process documentation that will carry you through not just year 1, but the entire lifecycle of the product.

4.0 --> 2012

This upgrade has been performed many times by us and is necessary to upgrade a legacy customer to Dynamics 365 (first this upgrade, then a 2012-> D365 upgrade).  This is an intensive database, code, and business process upgrade which we do use the proscribed Microsoft upgrade tools and best practices.

2009 --> 2012

This is the most common upgrade we've done in the past and involves a large data and technology upgrade on the back end of D365 and a significant process upgrade on the functional side.  This is a required upgrade if you're moving from AX 2009 to Dynamics 365  (first this upgrade, then a 2012-> D365 upgrade).

2012 --> D365

This upgrade has been effectively automated by Microsoft in the sense that we can use their technology stack, data, and code upgrade tools to effectively lift your AX 2012 R3 implementation up into the cloud as a modern, continuously upgraded full D365 stack ERP solution.  The code tools can effectively plan the upgrade process and the data upgrade tools can move all your stock and custom data across to the cloud.

D365 continuous upgrades

Dynamics 365 is a product that undergoes a continuous upgrade cycle, receiving updates from Microsoft on a regular basis (currently 8 per year).  We can help you plan these upgrades and execute them flawlessly without impacting current operations and support.  Executing this process is an artform that we have become masters of to ensure our clients stay up to date, secure, and effective.



Need to rent cars?  Want to get into the property management game?  How about investment portfolio management?  We can build the right application to manage this for you in Dynamics 365.  We will construct it so that it seamlessly integrates with your entire ERP system without integration or adding the overhead of an entire microservices architecture platform.  We can either build it from scratch or look at existing solutions (ISVs) for the Dynamics 365 platform that meet most of your needs, and then customize them make them work for you 100%.

Image by Burst

Afraid to customize?  It is not necessary to fear this anymore.  We definitely don’t want to customize when we can use stock functionality but less than ever do we have to fear the future technical debt of customization.  With Microsoft Dynamics we use an extension development process that effectively isolates our customizations outside of Microsoft's core "AX" code, leaving it untouched and forever upgradeable without issue.


Your company isn't just one thing, and all those facets require their best of breed software to manage them.  But if we can effectively reduce data entry and maximize data accuracy we should.  Through effective integration we can link your products to reduce data entry, manual data entry errors, and give an overall single application feel to your entire company.  Using OData, data entity framework, JSON restful web services, SOAP web services, EDI, third party service bus software like MuleSoft, and Azure stack tools such as Azure LogicApps we can integrate all of your applications to share data and process.



When the dust settles who will help you over the next hurdle?  We offer comprehensive plans to suit any need for long term support.  Whether you just need someone to handle those "tier 3" needs and be your link to Microsoft support technicians or you need a complete Dynamics helpdesk to offload your support calls to, we can provide it.  We can work with you to build a support plan that not only works today, but can evolve in the future to work for you tomorrow.  We can manage your Lifecycle Services and Azure administration to create and modify your Dynamics 365 environments.  We can create a plan to help you through the long term process of continuous upgrades as they're delivered to your Azure environment.  You don’t need to be alone once the consultants all go home.

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