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Municipality / Government

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Governments are typically focused heavily in finance, budgeting, and project accounting which Dynamics 365 Finance can provide.  


We help maximize efficiency in these areas through automation, integration, and process customization (for example accounts payable automation or legacy system integration).  311 and reception contacts are typically managed in a system like Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement.


On top of that, we have intense experience working with partner solutions (such as Tyler Technologies, ADP, and Ceridian) to help provide the additional functionality not provided directly by Dynamics 365 stack such as payroll and tax/utilities solutions that are seamlessly integrated into the ERP. 


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MRPs have a best of breed and Dynamics AX/365 has always been in the top runners. Dynamics 365 for Supply Chain is now becoming the industry standard of lean manufacturing (both discrete and process) and is listed as a top player in the Gartner ERP Cloud 2018 magic quadrant of manufacturing ERPs (#1 in completeness of vision and #2 in ability to execute out of 14 analyzed ERP systems). 


Being such a clear choice for manufacturing puts it as a front running choice for many companies. With the manufacturing industry being so process-driven, there is always ample opportunity to maximize efficiency with such a customizable and integratable platform such as Dynamics 365 SCM.



The core finance needs of any company, while appearing deceptively similar, are rarely at all so when the lights get turned on so we can see all the processes interacting. 


You have to cope with multiple legal entities, localization due to multiple countries in which you hold an incorporation, budget planning, exchange rate controls, advanced bank reconciliation, auditing, reporting, and a hundred more nuances of financial control. 


We have taken deep dives into every aspect of the financial control provided by Dynamics 365 for Finance and have made it work for the most varied of corporate finance needs. 


Whether it's cross-company master data sharing, fully translated forms that will work in multiple languages, importing budgets from your excel worksheets that you've painstakingly constructed, automating exchange rate imports or cross border transfers under regulation of government control, or just getting that balance sheet to show you the bottom line the way it needs to.


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The retail world has many different processes than a traditional ERP consumer, many of which are addressed by Dynamics 365 Retail, but also requiring the highest level of customization to ensure the branding and process management is accurate to the company being represented.  


We've worked with enterprise, cloud, and modern POS in Dynamics 365 Retail as well as had experience with the developers of these retail POS clients (through working directly with LSRetail, the originator of Retail in Microsoft's ERP world).  


Whether it's front end design (typescript, javascript, JSON), middle-ware server architecture (C#, SQL, and .NET), or back end head office server-side customization (X++) we have the technical and functional knowledge sets to achieve your goals.



The needs of the pharmaceutical company are widespread and an ERP platform such as Dynamics 365 and it's accompanying technology stack makes for an attractive partner.


Manufacturing while keeping recipe management and quality control under tight constraints is as essential as good inventory management and supply chain management.  The addition of regulatory compliance and control invariably leads to intensive customization or integration to a best of breed system that manages this.  Adding in the intense sales cycle of the typical pharmaceutical rep and the Dynamics 365 Finance plus Sales, Customer Experience, and Supply Chain Management stack becomes almost essential.

Food & Beverage

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Whether it's on the financial, manufacturing, quality control, or retail side of it, Dynamics 365 fits into the food and beverage industry. 


Uniquely so, the F&B world is so dynamic that it benefits the most from true ERP enterprise concepts.  The more of your company you can control with a single data driven management tool such as Dynamics 365, the more useful that tool becomes.  Having worked in all these sub-industries, in and out of food and beverage, has made us uniquely suited to partner with to help you achieve your company goals. 


Whether it's putting a critical eye on manufacturing to wring out every ounce of efficiency or putting together the complete supply chain picture to make sure your product hits every distributor and retailer on time with the right product in the correct quantity to maximize sales potential; we've done it and can do it again with you.


Membership companies are growing around the world.  The rooted asset of having a membership-based clientele has proven to drive loyalty based sales and drive growth. 


We've worked with companies that are membership centric and have both designed pure membership management systems that handle all of the nuances of membership transactions (new, renewals, cancellations, upgrades, downgrades, transfers, etc) as well as worked with the loyalty system inherent to Dynamics 365 (Retail) and customized it for the specific loyalty rewards vision of the client.  Every loyalty program is unique, by it's own driven nature in a competitive marketing world, and thus needs it's own system and architecture to drive it.  

We've worked with:

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