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Microsoft Dynamics AX 3.0/4.0/2009/2012 r1/r2/r3

We support clients using legacy versions of the Microsoft Axapta application series all the way from Axapta 3.0 up to Dynamics AX 2012 R3.  We have a huge breadth of experience with almost all versions of Axapta and have lived through, and participated in, most of its changes over the decades.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance
Microsoft Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management

We implement, customize, integrate, and support users of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance and SCM.  This is the flagship core of the Microsoft ERP family (formerly D365 for Finance and Operations, D365 for Operations Enterprise Edition, AX7 …).  Even though the name will keep changing, we have kept 100% up to date on its functionality, technology, and capability.  We are ready to help you with anything you have planned and then some.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Experience
Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales

D365 Finance & SCM handle many aspects of customer management, but enough only to integrate with the direct sales and finance portion of the Dynamics 365 line.  D365 CE and Sales take this further to help you manage your customer's experience with your company and provide the care that you want them to feel and see.  Contact management, sales management, embedded AI, maximizing the customer lifetime value, and overall creating a customer-centric organization.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Talent

Where the D365 Finance & SCM human resource module leaves off, D365 Talent picks it up.  LinkedIn integration helps provide candidate recruitment and management and employee skill development through LinkedIn learning.  This tool provides an onboarding experience that is streamlined and effective to make your recruitment processes practical and repeatable.  There are many integrations already built to help you link this with your payroll solution, making this an effective choice for future integrations.

Microsoft Azure Stack

With cloud computing at its growth peak, with no end in sight, things are just getting better and better.  Maximizing efficiency, cost reduction, data security, scalability, mobility, disaster recovery, control, and staying on the competitive edge is the goal of any IT group … and usually, an impossible one to achieve.  Leaning on the learning and experience of millions of customers, you can achieve all these visions simply through Azure technology stack adoption. 

Payroll integration

Many payroll solutions are offering "off the shelf" integrations with the Dynamics 365 stack to allow seamless integration of general journal finance entries of payroll distribution cycles into your ledger plus dual direction integration of human resources data to prevent dual entry and incorrect data.  No longer should you need to onboard an employee in three, four, or ten different systems in order to make them effective in your company.

Image by Austin Distel

The integration possibilities in the Dynamics 365 stack are endless.  With Azure at our fingertips, we've managed EDI cloud integrations, MuleSoft cloud integrations, legacy integrations, migration data loads, and more.  Data architecture, integration architecture, and maintaining system integrity is a specialty of ours and we pride ourselves on our ingenuity to solve any integration problem with the best practices available.

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